Shameless Plug AND Proof I Keep My Word

Recently (about 5 minutes ago) I posted a promise to post again soon. I think 5 minutes qualifies as "soon."

What I really want from you is to visit my other temporary blog:

Okay, that's not true. That's not what a really want from you. What I REALLY want from you is your money. So to be specific, what I really, REALLY want from you is to visit my other blog and then buy something. Or better yet, just give me money.

Why? Because I'm cute. Not enough? Okay. Because I'm going to volunteer my time working with orphans in South Africa who are WAY cuter than I am.

Oh, and for good karma. And because it's a nice thing to do and you are a nice person who does nice things. Now THAT should be good enough.

What? You didn't even notice?

One thing I HATE about blogs is that posting that basically says, "Hey, sorry I haven't been writing but I've just been so busy but I promise I'm going to get back on the stick and start boring you again with my nearly daily updates about what I ate today and why I can't stand people who shop at Whole Foods or why I can't stand people who DO shop at Whole Foods blah blah blah." And then you scroll down and you can see that the blogger wrote pretty much the same thing 3.82 months earlier.

My point? Hey, sorry I haven't been writing much lately, but no one even noticed anyway, so, whatever. I'll probably be back at some point. No, really. I will. It's a money-back guarantee.