"You should start a blog," she said.

But I already have one, I thought. Your dating stories are really funny, she said. And I think a lot of people would find them amusing, she said. Some people make a lot of money if their blogs catch on, she said. And I thought, I wonder if MY blog has caught on. I wonder if people have been visiting and revisiting, hoping that my single, sarcastic post was enough to get people to wait for my next installment. Maybe I would find scores--no, hundreds!--of comments from web surfers begging me for more of my wit and promise of wisdom. But I don't remember the name of my blog, I thought. Or my password. Or my login. I clicked on "Sign In" and prayed a silent prayer to the Blog Gods. And it turns out that they listen. The Blog Gods, that is. Because up came my blog. One solitary post. No comments. No visitors. No money. The Blog Gods are listening, but apparently no one else is.

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Anonymous said...

Like. Really like. More, please.